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Elephant Rock

The Elephant Rock is found on the North East side of Comino. It is a natural arch formed through the erosion of the limestone which together with the same rock structure has created a natural feature which looks remarkably to a massive elephant head complete with its trunk lowered into the water.  Up till a couple of decades ago, the Elephant rock was little known however following it being featured extensively in the film The Count of Monte Cristo, this natural formation became very famous with tourists visiting the island. In this film, the Elephant Rock was used as one of the clues to get to the hidden treasure in the story.

The Elephant rock is best viewed from sea level. Customers taking our Skippered Malta Charters or Private yacht rental excursions are able to see this feature from a very close distance.

St Maria Caves

The St. Maria Caves are located on the north side of Comino just outside St. Maria Bay. There are various caves and they all offer their own particular beauty.

An attraction in this area is the banded Sea Bream that will come next to you when you feed them with bread. These Caves are ideal for snorkelers since they offer plenty of things to explore however anchoring in this area has now become banned due to the ecological importance of the site. Sailing yachts are able to pass close to the coastline at a speed which does not exceed 3 knots and at night only the necessary lights are allowed so as not to disturb the wild life present in this area.

St Maria Bay

Santa Marija Bay is Comino’s second little bay. Just 5 minutes away from the beautiful Blue Lagoon, it’s not as visually mesmerising as its big brother, however it’s still well worth a visit simply because of the sense of peace it instils on its visitors. Being a low traffic bay, it is very clean and provides many snorkeling opportunities especially around the edge of the bay.

The bay’s charm comes from its crystal clear waters and setting besides Comino’s lovely little police boat house. Though we cannot guarantee the bay will always be practically empty, it is safe to say that the number of people on this beach is usually very low hence making it a quite and peaceful location and ideal for those customers looking to stay away from the noise during their Malta Yacht holiday or private yacht rental experience.

St Nicholas Bay

St. Nicholas Bay is a pretty bay with beautiful crystal clear water which is excellent for snorkeling. The bay consists of two small sandy beaches that may be reserved for the Comino Hotel guests in summer, but it’s worth having a stop during your sailing trip due to its stunning, family friendly waters.

This bay is more tranquil than the Blue Lagoon making it ideal place for customers wanting to spend some peaceful moments during their Malta Yacht Charter or private boat hire vacation.

The bottom is made up of different patches of sand and sea grass making it a very attractive location for both swimmers who prefer to see the crystal bottom beneath them and for snorkelers who would prefer to explore the marine life across the sea grass.

Blue Lagoon

On the tiny island of Comino you will find the sheltered, dazzlingly blue waters of this small inlet, which has appeared on screen many times, most recently for a diving scene featuring Madonna in Swept Away and a spear fishing scene set in ancient times for the mini-series Helen of Troy. Also on Comino is St. Mary’s Tower, which is featured in The Count of Monte Cristo.

The Lagoon is one of the best swimming attractions in Comino, The crystal clear waters reflect the blue sky with a lovely cyan together with a pure white sandy bottom. This is truly one of the most magical locations in the Mediterranean Sea. This long and narrow bay surrounded by rock and a small sandy beach is almost like a pool. A visit to this location is a must during your Yacht Charter Malta or Private boat hire experience.

Crystal Lagoon

Located southwest of Blue Lagoon, in the direction of St Mary’s Tower, is the Crystal lagoon. This is another lovely bay fringed by steep cliffs and therefore accessed only by boats. With unbelievably clear water, it is perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

This is a safe and relaxed spot and it is a perfect location for taking memorable photographs because of the clear waters and the reflecting sun-rays which provide ideal under water light. The lagoon is a perfect breeding ground where many small baby fish are found. Several types of fish are waiting to be fed by snorkelers and visitors. Other marine life such as octopus, flounders and cuttlefish can be found across the sea grass. This is another location which should not be missed during a Malta Yacht Charter or Private boat rental.