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Unequalled Clear Azure Waters, Culture & History

Our Malta yacht charter service can be arranged around the Islands of Malta, Comino, Gozo and beyond. Below you will find the most popular destinations to visit when you charter a sailing yacht with us. We guarantee you a prompt reply to your questions and an unforgettable Malta sailing charter experience. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We will work with you to tailor the best itinerary based on your desires and our expertise of the local Waters. You can count on us to provide you with a truly memorable sailing experience.


Malta is truly a unique and wonderful yacht charter destination providing superb coastlines and seascapes, as well as warm and friendly locals.

A Malta yacht charter holiday or a private boat hire experience will take you through years of history. From the moment you arrive at the home base marina situated in Kalkara inside the Valletta Grand Harbour, you will start expereince the past mixed with the present in a passionate display of life and culture which is openly displayed as part of the charm that Malta has to offer.

Malta is more than just a historical gem. It is also an outstanding sailing destination with warm sunshine, clear blue skies, safe waters and a mesmerising coastline. Numerous anchorages are found along the coast often in a depth of 10 Meters or less allowing you to see the seabed and the alluring marine life through the crystal blue waters.

As our Malta Sailing Charter customer, it would be possible to make use of our snorkelling equipment if you wish. This will allow you to explore the rich marine life whilst swimming the crystal clear waters. It would also be possible to make use of our Stand up Paddle Boards to explore and get closer to the rugged natural coastline. All this is possible at no extra cost.

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Comino, which lies between Malta and Gozo is the third largest island in the Maltese Archipelago. This island is another paradise for customers taking a Malta yacht charter or private boat hire with us and is ideal for swimming and snorkelling. Marine life on Comino is very rich and snorkelling is a real treat presenting a remarkable window into another world.

​Named after the cumin herb once grown here, Comino is the perfect retreat – carefree and car-free and is very popular with day-trippers. The Island is one of the very few places left in the Mediterranean which is still virtually uninhabited. With no urban areas or cars, one can easily smell the scent of wild thyme and other herbs. The Isle’s Blue Lagoon, with its safe, turquoise waters, makes an idyllic day out whilst the carefree lifestyle and perfect seclusion, makes it also a superb anchorage by night.

Whilst Comino tends to be rather busy during the summer months, visiting Comino as part of your Malta yacht charter experience is truly unique since you get to enjoy the beauty of the island, the various bays and its beaches whilst remaining in a private and relaxed setting thus avoiding all the crowds. Our skippers will also make it a point to take you to a number of secluded locations which cannot be reached by foot.

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Discovering Gozo on a Malta yacht charter or private boat rental experience is the key to discovering one of the most untouched and unique islands in the Mediterranean. Gozo is the perfect yacht rental destination, a serene land where time has stood still.

Gozo is thought to be the legendary “Calypso’s Isle” of Homer’s Odyssey. This Island is steeped in myth. It is peaceful with a mystical backwater, having a rugged landscape and spectacular coastline. The Island covers 67 square kilometres. It is roughly circular in shape. The coast from the south-west to the north-west coast is entirely surrounded by cliffs. The island’s character is rural and less developed than Malta.

Malta Sailing Charter or Private boat hire experiences in Gozo are very popular with customers taking a Multi-day Charter since it allows our customers to explore the beauty that this island has to offer from sea level. Some of our customers also take the opportunity to stop at the harbour and then spend some time on land.

Our Skippers will take you into the rocky inlets or red sand beaches. It’s easy to entertain yourself during your Malta boat charter or private boat rental experience where you can swim snorkel, dive or fish. Gozo has some of the Mediterranean’s best dive spots.

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Armier Bay

Armier Bay (pronounced ar-meer) is located in a rural area up north and is made up of two bays with the largest one known as Armier and the other one known as Little Armier. These bays are situated right opposite the island of Comino and are home to beautiful azure crystal waters similar to the waters found at the Blue Lagoon. Armier Bay is a north facing bay and is popular with yacht charter clients for overnight anchoring when wind conditions are light. This is due to its sandy sea bed providing a heavenly experience to early morning risers looking to jump into the sea at dawn when the bay would still be unoccupied and very peaceful. Customers tell us that such an experience will remain in their minds for many years to come. During summer months, Armier Bay tends to get very busy during weekends. A number of water sports providers are also present at this bay.

Mellieha Bay (Għadira)

Mellieha Bay known also as Għadira (pronounced a-deerah) is the largest beach in Malta and considered to be one of the most beautiful and popular sandy beach in Malta. Since 2017 Mellieha bay was awarded the international and prestigious Blue Flag status which is a recognition of quality of the waters, safety, environmental management and services. Yacht charter customers with children are able to take their children ashore whereby one will find about 60 Meters of shallow waters which ideal for children to play in safe environemnt. Mellieha Bay is popular with boaters both during the day and also during the night. It is one of our recommended night anchorages to clients taking a multi-day charter. This is due to the fact that the bay is surrounded by many restaurants which are easily reached with our onboard dinghy. Furthermore, our yacht charter clients are able to spend a stress free night on anchor since the bay is only exposed to the east and sheltered from all other winds.

Selmun Bay (Imgiebaħ)

Selmun bay is facing the North East and is a small sandy bay. Popularly known as Selmun Bay, the actual Maltese name for this secluded beach is Imgiebaħ Bay (pronounced im-gee-bah). The beach is not easily accessible from land and this is maybe the main reason why it has retained its natural beauty. This is one of our favourite spots for a short stop during our Malta Yacht Charters since this bay is best visited by boat. The beach is surrounded by stunning cliffs and awesome natural surroundings and offers our yacht charter customers, some excellent snorkeling opportunities next to the rocks around the coastline of the bay whilst also enjoying the crystal clear waters and a soft sandy bottom all throughout. Many of our Yacht Charter customers especially those with kids often take the opportunity to swim ashore from the yacht which is typically anchored a few meters away in order to enjoy this secluded beach all by themselves.

Rdum il-Bież

Rdum il-Bież (pronounced ir-doom il beez) is an east facing cliff which is around 25 meters high and is situated right next to St. Pauls Islands. The geo-formation in this area provides clear evidence of the strength of the gregale storms coming from the north east and which are very strong during the winter months. Here, the sea hit directly against this cliff and have by time eroded this limestone cliff and formed a tiny secluded bay which is unreachable by foot. Water depth in this area is between 10 and 15 meters and whilst not being a shallow beach, this location has become a popular swimming spot for boaters due to the crystal clear seas and its seabed which is entirely covered with sand. There is no way this bay can be reached on foot therefore you can rest assured that you will be away from the noise when visiting this location whilst on one of our Malta yacht charters or private yacht rental experiences.

St. Paul's Island

St. Paul’s Island is a small island found at the end of St Paul’s Bay beside the amazingly circular bay called Mistra Bay. The Acts of the Apostles tell the story of how St. Paul was shipwrecked on an island while on his way to Rome to face charges. Traditionally, St. Paul’s Bay and, specifically, St. Paul’s Island is identified as the location for this shipwreck. A prominent statue of the saint was erected in 1845 and still stands on this uninhabited island. Customers enjoy the wonderful views back towards St. Pauls bay and the island itself when we sail past this island daily during our Malta Private boat charters. Stops to the island for a stroll up to the Statue or a swim in the clear waters can be organised as part of your itinerary whilst on your Malta Yacht Charter or your Malta Private boat rental experience.

St Peter's Pool​

St. Peter’s Pool is one of the most beautiful and stunning natural swimming pools. This location is a real treat for those looking to go that extra mile to find a special spot. It is situated just off the tip of Delimara Point, a headland overlooking Marsaxlokk Bay at the southernmost part of Malta. It is ideal as one of the locations to visit when chartering a sailing yacht for a day or more when visiting the south of the island. St. Peter’s Pool is not an easy place to reach by land and this is what makes it an ideal location to visit when taking a Malta boat charter or Private boat hire for a day or more. Being essentially a rocky inlet, our skippers would be able anchor at a safe distance from the pool (weather permitting) and customers would be able to swim ashore to enjoy this captivating location. The sea here is crystal clear with a colourful mix of a dreamy azure and a fresh green that is suitable for the most exotic pictures and memories of your sailing yacht charter experience in Malta. The more adventurous will enjoy the possibility of diving into the waters from a few meters up.

Fomm ir-Riħ

Fomm ir-Riħ is a north west facing bay and is considered to be one of the wildest and most secluded beaches in Malta. Without a doubt, Fomm ir-Riħ (meaning Mouth of the Wind) is also one of the most beautiful beaches in Malta. This Bay is very tricky to be reached on foot and this is the main reason why it remains so natural and undisturbed. At this location, Yacht Charter and private boat rental customers can enjoy some of the best scenic views on the island and captivating sunsets. Fomm ir-Riħ is pebbly and is favourite among snorkelers, divers and to people who like secluded beaches. Whilst it is quite a stretch to reach during a Malta day charter, this location should not be missed when taking a multi-day charter because its remote beach offers fantastic views of cliffs, valleys, deep blue Mediterranean Sea as well as peace and tranquility. Without any doubt, this is one of our most favourite locations because it is also a perfect place to swim. The enchanting waters of Fomm ir-Riħ provide not only excellent snorkeling and diving but good fishing as well.

Ġnejna Bay​

Ġnejna Bay (Pronounced jn-ey-na) is another popular Malta Yacht Charter or Private boat rental destination. The bay located about 1 kilometre from the village of Mġarr. This is the third sandy beach, together with Għajn Tuffieħa and Golden Bay, to be found on the north-west side of Malta. The beach surrounding the bay is mostly sandy with a few boat houses built on the southern part of the bay used primarily by fishermen and boat owners. The crystal clear water offers a splendid opportunity for snorkeling. Ġnejna is notable for its striking clay slopes and limestone cliffs. These serve as the headlands for one of Malta’s few remaining perennial freshwater springs, that runs through Wied il-Ġnejna. On top of the bay one could notice the Lippia Tower which was built in 1637 by the Knights of St. John. The Lippia Tower formed part of the intricate coastal defence system where watch-guards would communicate by means of flags or bonfires and raise alarm in the walled city of Mdina when pirates were sighted off the western coast of Malta.

Valletta Grand Harbour

The Valletta Grand Harbour is a natural harbour which is best explored from the sea when on board one of our sailing yachts available for a Malta yacht charter or private boat hire. The harbour entrance faces the north east and is bounded by Saint Elmo Point on one side and Ricasoli Point on the other. It has been used as a harbour since at least Phoenician times. During the time of the Knights of St, John, this harbour was massively fortified. In 1565, this area was the scene of much of the fighting in the Great Siege of Malta when the Turks attempted to remove the Knights of St John. Today, It is considered to be one of the most spectacular ports in the world. A wide stretch of water separating the capital city of Valletta from the historic towns of Vittoriosa, Senglea and Cospicua. With its imposing fortifications and vast panorama, the Grand Harbour is Malta’s principal maritime gateway and a popular port-of-call for ships that are cruising the Med.

St Thomas Bay​

Facing the East North East, this secluded bay is very popular with bathers and ideal for yachts anchoring in good weather conditions and also recommended for overnight stays. For us at Sailing Charters Malta, this is one of the ideal locations for Evening charters and Multi-day charters due to its tranquility after sunset. During our Malta day charters, swimming in the clear waters of this bay and snorkeling is very popular here. Sea urchins here are abundant (a testament to the quality of the waters) and it is not unusual to see locals snorkeling in the area collecting them to form the base of a favourite Mediterranean pasta dish! St. Thomas bay is essentially a fisherman’s cove which has not been developed into a touristic area whilst the beach is very popular with the Locals especially those coming from the Southern part of the island as this is one of the few beaches which is accesable by foot in the south.


Adjacent to St. Peter’s Pool and also facing Northeast are another two little known anchorages and ideal for customers taking a yacht charter and who would like to visit the south of the island. Access to Il-Ħofriet is predominantly only possible by sea and this is why this location remain so natural. In good weather conditions, these inlets are highly recommended for Malta charter day trips, evening charters or multi-day charters with overnight stays. Furthermore, having a swim in the early hours of the morning in the crystal clear waters of this bay will be something that you will surely remember for a long time. Il-Ħofriet is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in Malta and one of the most underrated areas in the south of the island. For people wanting to relax away from crowds and bathe in crystal clear waters during a private boat hire experience, Il-Ħofriet should not be missed. Snorkeling is a captivating experience in the serenity and cleanliness of the underwater growth.

Għajn Tuffieħa Bay

Għajn Tuffieħa (pronounced ayn tuf-fih-ha) is a popular sandy beach nestling below hills and an unusually-shaped promontory. It is unspoiled and undeveloped. The hillside behind is a designated natural park. The foundation managing the hillside has planted Tamarisk and Samphire trees to prevent further erosion at this beautiful natural bay. Għajn Tuffieħa which means Apple’s Eye is not usually as crowded as its neighbour, Golden Bay. However its fine sand and rural surroundings makes this location very alluring. A headland to the west side of the bay separates this beach from Ġnejna Bay. All the area is a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) due to unique geological features. Għajn Tuffieħa Bay is managed by the NGO, GAIA Foundation. This is another location which can be visited during a Private yacht charter or private boat hire from us especially during a Multi-day charter whereby we would have ample time to explore the west coast of the island.

Golden Bay

Golden Bay is one of Malta’s most popular sandy beaches. The bay is situated amongst pristine undeveloped countryside set within a cliff face at the north west coast of the island. Despite being a very popular beach, it still gives the sense of a hidden exotic cove. The atmosphere here is both chic and family fun. The sand here is as good as it gets… fine clean particles, plentiful and a beautiful light cream colour. As the second largest sandy beach in Malta, this beach is usually quite populated in summer however the atmosphere in the bay on board one of our Sailing yachts during a yacht Charter or Private yacht hire is simply superb. The spectacular sunsets as well as the safe anchorages here have made the location a popular spot for overnight charters making your Multi-day Malta Yacht Charter experience truly an unforgettable one. Waking up in the morning in Golden bay when on board one of our yachts and when the bay is still empty and quiet is simply magical.

Paradise Bay

Paradise Bay is situated at the northernmost tip of the island with the bays entrance facing the north west. The beach is perhaps one of the smallest in Malta yet at the same time it is definitely one of Malta’s most stunning beaches, thus the name Paradise Bay. The waters are beautifully clear, deepening on a gentle gradient. Snorkeling is good around the rocky edges of the bay. An oasis of palm trees and terraced farmland surround the bay’s sugary butter-coloured beach, which, as you look at when on-board one of our yachts does indeed give you the feel of being in paradise. This is definitely one of our recommended bays to visit during your Malta Boat Charter or Private yacht hire given the clear blue water and clean sand. It is also an ideal location for anchoring for the night especially when wind is blowing from the easterly and southerly directions since this bay would be completely sheltered.

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Elephant Rock

The Elephant Rock is found on the North East side of Comino. It is a natural arch formed through the erosion of the limestone which together with the same rock structure has created a natural feature which looks remarkably to a massive elephant head complete with its trunk lowered into the water.  Up till a couple of decades ago, the Elephant rock was little known however following it being featured extensively in the film The Count of Monte Cristo, this natural formation became very famous with tourists visiting the island. In this film, the Elephant Rock was used as one of the clues to get to the hidden treasure in the story. The Elephant rock is best viewed from sea level. Customers taking our Skippered Malta Charters or Private yacht rental excursions are able to see this feature from a very close distance.

St Maria Caves

The St. Maria Caves are located on the north side of Comino just outside St. Maria Bay. There are various caves and they all offer their own particular beauty. An attraction in this area is the banded Sea Bream that will come next to you when you feed them with bread. These Caves are ideal for snorkelers since they offer plenty of things to explore however anchoring in this area has now become banned due to the ecological importance of the site. Sailing yachts are able to pass close to the coastline at a speed which does not exceed 3 knots and at night only the necessary lights are allowed so as not to disturb the wild life present in this area.

St Maria Bay

Santa Marija Bay is Comino’s second little bay. Just 5 minutes away from the beautiful Blue Lagoon, it’s not as visually mesmerising as its big brother, however it’s still well worth a visit simply because of the sense of peace it instils on its visitors. Being a low traffic bay, it is very clean and provides many snorkeling opportunities especially around the edge of the bay. The bay’s charm comes from its crystal clear waters and setting besides Comino’s lovely little police boat house. Though we cannot guarantee the bay will always be practically empty, it is safe to say that the number of people on this beach is usually very low hence making it a quite and peaceful location and ideal for those customers looking to stay away from the noise during their Malta Yacht holiday or private yacht rental experience.

St Nicholas Bay

St. Nicholas Bay is a pretty bay with beautiful crystal clear water which is excellent for snorkeling. The bay consists of two small sandy beaches that may be reserved for the Comino Hotel guests in summer, but it’s worth having a stop during your sailing trip due to its stunning, family friendly waters. This bay is more tranquil than the Blue Lagoon making it ideal place for customers wanting to spend some peaceful moments during their Malta Yacht Charter or private boat hire vacation. The bottom is made up of different patches of sand and sea grass making it a very attractive location for both swimmers who prefer to see the crystal bottom beneath them and for snorkelers who would prefer to explore the marine life across the sea grass.

Blue Lagoon

On the tiny island of Comino you will find the sheltered, dazzlingly blue waters of this small inlet, which has appeared on screen many times, most recently for a diving scene featuring Madonna in Swept Away and a spear fishing scene set in ancient times for the mini-series Helen of Troy. Also on Comino is St. Mary’s Tower, which is featured in The Count of Monte Cristo. The Lagoon is one of the best swimming attractions in Comino, The crystal clear waters reflect the blue sky with a lovely cyan together with a pure white sandy bottom. This is truly one of the most magical locations in the Mediterranean Sea. This long and narrow bay surrounded by rock and a small sandy beach is almost like a pool. A visit to this location is a must during your Yacht Charter Malta or Private boat hire experience.

Crystal Lagoon

Located southwest of Blue Lagoon, in the direction of St Mary’s Tower, is the Crystal lagoon. This is another lovely bay fringed by steep cliffs and therefore accessed only by boats. With unbelievably clear water, it is perfect for swimming and snorkeling. This is a safe and relaxed spot and it is a perfect location for taking memorable photographs because of the clear waters and the reflecting sun-rays which provide ideal under water light. The lagoon is a perfect breeding ground where many small baby fish are found. Several types of fish are waiting to be fed by snorkelers and visitors. Other marine life such as octopus, flounders and cuttlefish can be found across the sea grass. This is another location which should not be missed during a Malta Yacht Charter or Private boat rental.

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Dwejra Bay

Dwejra is perhaps the archipelago’s most spectacular natural landmark. Here, geology, time and sea have worked together to produce some of the most remarkable scenery on the Islands. The place where up to recently stood the Azure Window, the Inland Sea, Fungus Rock, sheer cliffs and a rocky coastline. All the surrounding habitat is a blend of geology, fauna, habitats, shoreline seascapes, archaeology, flora and history. The other natural landmark here is the legendary Fungus Rock or, as it is locally known, “Il-Ġebla tal-Ġeneral”, General’s Rock. Due to being protected from the open waters, this is an ideal location to spend the night during a Multi-day yacht charter or Private boat hire in Malta.

Xlendi Bay

The delightful sea inlet, known as Xlendi Bay, lies at the end of a deep, lush ravine which was once a river bed. Until the mid-20th century, Xlendi was a small fishing port and a restful summer resort for a few locals and Maltese. The bay is now on the must-visit list of most day-trippers to the Island and those taking a Malta private boat hire or Malta charter. The bay still retains a peaceful atmosphere and is undeveloped. Xlendi is flanked by a steep cliff. On the promontory is Xlendi Tower, built in 1650. It commands superb sea views and stands on a scenic coastline pitted with hand-dug salt pans.

Wied il-Mielaħ Window

One of the landmarks that you would definitely want to see is the Natural window situated at Wied il-Mielaħ. Found at the end of the Wied il-Mielaħ Valley, the Window is a limestone natural arch on the north-western coast of the island of Gozo. This was once a slightly lesser known alternative to the popular Azure Window, however after it’s collapse in 2017 during a storm, the Wield il-Mielaħ window became the place to see. Being on the furthest point in Gozo, reaching this point is only possible when taking an overnight boat charter since arriving to this destination and back to port in 1 day is practically impossible due to the distance. On the other hand it is surely a place to visit when circumnavigating Gozo on a Multi-day skippered or bareboat yacht Charter.

Marsalforn Bay

Marsalforn bay is one of the most popular resort locations in Gozo offering plenty of restaurants, hotels and cafes. During the summer months hundreds of Gozitan, Maltese and Tourists move in to this locality. The traditional Maltese Luzzu fishing boats give Marsalforn Bay a charming and colourful feeling whilst also providing the restaurants in the bay with fresh seafood. Whilst offering limited swimming opportunities and scenery when compared to other bays around Gozo due to its commercial nature and coastline, this location is ideal for Customers who plan to spend a couple of days or more on an overnight or multi-day yacht charter to get to land by means of a dinghy and enjoy an indulging meal at one of the various restaurants available in this location. This is truly a seafood lovers paradise!

Ramla Bay

Ramla is Gozo’s largest sandy bay and one of the most beautiful on the Islands. The beach here is of a deep, reddish-gold hue. The bay is surrounded by countryside and nestles below steep terraced hills and the mythical Calypso’s Cave. Ramla is a superb spot to while away the hours. Swimming here is safe and the waters are clear and clean. There are some smooth, underwater boulders a few metres out in the central strip, but these are easily negotiated. Of historical interest in the bay are some Roman ruins burried under the sand near the present-day cafes, and a ‘fougasse’ – a kind of primitive mortar developed by the Knights which was fired from a rock-cut shaft to defend the bay during the 18th century. This site is normally visited during private boat hire or private boat rental around Gozo.

San Blas

San Blas bay is another bay located on the north east side of Gozo. This is not a very busy bay since it is very hard to access on foot. The sand is reddish and water is crystal clear and it’s perfect for snorkeling around the rocks and boulders on the side of the bay. The bay is also nicely surrounded by a good amount of vegetation giving it a different, more cosy feel, from other bays around the Maltese Archipelago. The sandy beach at San Blas Bay is also ideal families. Another great location to visit during your Malta Yacht charter, private boat hire or Private boat rental excursion.

Daħlet Qorrot

Daħlet Qorrot is a tiny picturesque fishing cove and a tranquil, isolated spot on the north-east coast below Nadur and Qala. The bay is a popular local beauty spot. The craggy coastline and clear waters are perfect for snorkeling. The bay is still used by local fishermen. A few boathouses line the shore whilst the ledges and small caves double up as shade areas. During the summer months one can admire a number of small colourful fishing boats moored here. This is one of the locations that we like to visit with our Malta charter customers who would have already visited the more popular locations any who would like to go to an area which is not so busy.

Qala Rock (Ġebla tal-Ħalfa)

Qala Rock (Pronounced Aala) is small islet rock situated on the south-east coast of the island of Gozo. The size of the islet is 95 metres, by 50 metres. The Qala Rock is located approximately 65 metres away from the south coast of the village of Qala. This rock sits in a secluded beach having large pebbles, golden sand and abundant underwater growth. This location is ideal for people who would like to swim and also snorkel. Due to the limited size of the area, a very small number of boats are able to fit here. This means that the location is normally extremely quiet and peaceful. When we are lucky enough to find a slot (typically during weekdays), we make it a point to stop our Malta yacht charter customers who comment that this was surely one of the best places visited during their boat charter and that it felt like being in paradise.

Ħondoq ir-Rummien

On the coast below the village of Qala lies Ħondoq ir-Rummien, a small cove which is popular with snorkelers because of its deep and clear water and the small caves at water level. Ħondoq ir-Rummien, is one of the few remaining tracts of open countryside left in the Maltese Islands. The sea in this area boasts some of the cleanest, clearest water in all of Malta and Gozo, attracting locals and divers alike. An area of outstanding scenic beauty, it is also a vital habitat for dwindling communities of rare plants. During a Private boat hire or Private yacht rental this place should not to be missed.

Mġarr ix-Xini

Mġarr ix-Xini is reputed to be one of the harbours used by the Knight’s galleys, and lies in a gorge. This secluded spot is ideal for snorkeling. The entrance to this natural cove is guarded by a tower which was constructed in 1661.  The bay is in itself the natural seaward estuary of a deep but beautiful natural valley. It has a small pebbly beach with intriguing caves on cliff faces. This peaceful bay is not so crowded and is an ideal location for a swim during your Private yacht hire or Malta Sailing Charter Vacation. This location rose to international fame when it served as the main location for the filming of the movie titled “By the sea” starring Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt as well as their honeymoon destination in 2016.